Friday, March 14, 2008

Phuket Journey Part 2

After we had lunch at marvelous Muslim restaurant then Mr. Alee drove us to our Apartment in Pathong. The apartment is fine for the low budget as us though the furniture are all worn out :)... but it was clean and cozy... except the stairs is so high enough to took :p.

After we got check in then we carried on to Promp Thep Cape... the finest place in Phuket to see the sunset and most of the west coast region. Along the way the see the Karon, Kata, Kata Noi and Nai Harn Beach... they are all a gorgeous beach... beatifull. And we stopped by at Karon Beach to take the picture.

Before we got the Promp Thep, we stopped by at View Point and take some pictures there... the view was great... we could see almost all of the Phuket's west coast line.

Since we had to catch the sunset, then we were in a rush to go to Promp Thep... not far different from View Point but the view is more wider and farther. We saw the local hero monument there... took some pictures but unfortunately the cloud was blocking the sunset... then we could not see it :(... poor we

Being dissatisfied a little (honestly... alot :()... then we carried on to go to Pathong to had some dinner. At Pathong, the street near to Ban La, we found muslim restaurant at the pedestrian. It looks the same like our street cafe hear or in Bali... Great... the athmospher... ambience... family feeling... it was all great... but the food was less delicious than the first Muslim retaurant in Phuket Town.

After all had dinner and quality chit chat :)... then we went to our respective destination (since we made two group... the bad guys went to Ban La :p... the good guys and ladies went shopping). Since Mr. Alee & tur had to go to rest (cause the time limit was out anyway :p)... then he generously drove us near to Ban La street... He was so generous... God bless you man :)

Oohhh I've got my fingers cramped again... it's a to be continued sign he3x... see you in part 3


ffnst said...

anjirrrr si beheung ngeblog euy, alus lah aya kemajuan hehehehe..

anggi guswara said...

Tong poho oleh2 ah :)