Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phuket Journey Part 3

Finally... We went to Ban La Road... knowned as the night life king of the Phuket :)... Firstly I got shocked since this was the first time I see a street is so crowded like this with the people whose crazy (or maybe wondering like me :p) for pub, beer, night life and especialy the strip show... he3x...

We can see the girls (or a men... who the hell knows it :p)... in minimum outfit... dancing like a striper inside the bar... dancing like crazy... seems like they have extra energy to do that (might be sponsored by the local energy drink Krating Daeng he3x...)

For you whose not get used to this scene or think that this is not good... I suggest you not to go to Ban La... cause you will be very fraighten to see or you might cry for help :p

There are so many bars there... and inside the road you can see the aisle... and inside the aisle there are also pubs and bars... mostly with the strip or sex shows inside...

Please... just ask your tour guide if you want to watch the show... there are so many traps inside :)

Out of 10... I give Ban La Road... 9 for the excitement :) and 5 for the show :p

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