Friday, March 21, 2008

Phuket Journey Part 3

The craziness in Ban La gave me a very exhausted body :p... We went gack to our apartment about midnight (he3x... still early right... but we could not stand to keep our stamina up). When we got to the apartment, we were surprised that Mr. Alee has there talking with the receptionist guy (Mr. Rasyid if I am not mistaken). I thought we was joking by saying that he would go to our apartment that night after guided us, but he kept his promise.

He was very happy with our arrival and he asked us if we would like to go somewhere (even wild places :p)... We said that we were sorry to let him come while we went to Ban La, but he said it was ok. Then we asked him to accompany us to the massage outlet since our body was very exhausted. He agreed to accompanying us with his Honda Accord. But unfotunately the massage outlet was closed. Finally, we went back to the apartment and say good bye to Mr. Alee cause we were very tire then and need some sleep since tomorrow we had to get up early and being pickep up by the tour at 7.

On March 8, 2008 at 7, we all had gathered at the apartment lobby, but unfortunately, since the officer would open the receptionist at 8 and the breakfast too then we had to had breakfast on the way to the pier. We went at 7.15 and stopped by at 7-11 store to bought some breakfast... and the instant noodle will always be the great choice... ready everywhere :). We arrived at the pier at 8 sharp... and we met Mr. Alee there. He gave us the sticker as the ticket to get on the Ferry and sticked it on our apparel. We thanked Mr. Alee and got on board... Ohhhhh at last... we went to PhiPhi island. We were very excited and happy... took some pictures and eagerly sat on the Ferry's front :)... although we had warned by the local that we would have got splashed by sea water there... but we didn't care. But then it happened :p... everybody whose sat there got splashed by the sea water he3x... (I told you... mocked the local :p)

The scenery on the way to PhiPhi is fantastic... the air... the breeze... the sky... the sea... amazing... sooo freee...

We arrived at PhiPhi at 11 am. An as planned... only 4 of 15 who did the snorkeling... it's great... but Bali is more fantastic then this :(. Unfortunately, since we used big ferry then we did not go to the smaller Island, crystal water and the Leonardo's beach. Next time I would rent the speedboat therefore I could be there :p.

After an hour snorkeling... then we went to the PhiPhi island to get lunch. We arrived there at 12.30 pm and the guide explained us about the tsunami in PhiPhi in 2002. He showed the different photos of before-after tsunami... Oh my God, such a huge catastrophe... hopefuly it won't happen again anywhere in the world... amin.
Then luch at PhiPhi was ordinary, not as delicioso as at Muslim resto at Phuket Town... but it suited our hungry stomach he3x... Everything in PhiPhi can not be bargained, and the locals are not welcome to South East Asian like us... they only warm and welcomr to "bule" he3x... everything there are quite expensive. But for you whose Muslim... don't worry, mostly PhiPhiers are Muslim... so just say Assalamualaykum to the locals, if they are also Muslim, then they will be very welcome to you.

We went back to the pier at Phuket Town from PhiPhi at 3 pm... we were very exhausted and most of us were sleeping on the ferry. I took some pictures at the way back to the pier.

We arrived at the pier at 5 pm and as usual our tour drivers had there to welcome us. As planned, we went to Phuket Fantasea at Kamala Beach. We stopped by a while at Gem and Pearl store in Phuket Town. I didn't buy anything since it is quite expensive :p.
We arrived at Phuket Fantasea at 6 pm... as usual we met Mr. Alee there and he asked us how was the PhiPhi... mostly said great but still Bali is better :p. Mr. Alee then gave us the ticket to enter Fantasea.

Phuket Fantasea surrounding was very great... the architech is perfect... we all wondered why Indonesia could not make the same thing :(. We took some photos there until we entered the resto called the Golden Kinnaree Buffet and we had reserved for the halal food then we guided to the halal room there. The food was ok but still the Muslim Resto in Phuket Town was unbeatable he3x...

The show was scheduled at 9 pm and the gate open at 8.30 pm... cause we still had much time then we took some photos again in front of the theater.

The gate were open and we rushed to get in... we sat near to balcony... the seat was not so comfortable and the aisle between the seat rows were so narrow... the theater is not as big as Siam Niramit. And the show begun... but oh my God... it was such a boring show... maybe because we had watch the show in Siam Niramit... so just like a helo effect for the Fantasea...

The show ended and we all got out the theater with dissatifactory face and gesture... and you know what... I had got the hostile treatment from the camera deposit counter officer... just because I have the same race with Thailanese then the officer interrogated me just like I was a theft... since I did not find that traetment to Western tourist... come on...

We went back to our appartmetn dissapoitly :(... just adding on our exhaustion :(... but lucky me to had massage near our appartment... hmmmm perfect...

I woke up late at 7.30 am... I rushed to get showered and change clothes... luckily I had packed up my things last night he3x... And as usual the apartment lady were not wake up yet then we had to wake her up to made us some breakfast and took care of our check out. We had our breakfast with eggs and bread... hmmm fine then nothing at all or instant noodle he3x...

At last... we had to say our good bye to Pathong... as a souvenir, we took picture at Pathong beach... Ohhh felt like a broken hearted to leave :( it's so hard

On the way to the airport... Mr. Alee was so generous ang gave us the delightful service... He drove us to the Rang Hill, thought it will be beautifull at night but it did not matter... the scenery was so lovely, just like Lembang in Bandung or Puncak. We were going to go to Ranghill the night before and had dinner at the Phuket View Restaurant ther, but since it was very far from Promp Thep and the restaurant is not halal, then we canceled it.

Good Bye Phuket... I promise you... InsyAllah I will get back to your island to explore it by motorcycle with ny future wife... amin.

See you on my next journey :)


Anonymous said...

may i ask u some..berapa harga pake travel ke phi2 island sih? rencana mau jalan2 ksana cm masih menggodok rencana dan daftar biaya. kl pengalaman mas urutan negara yg didatengi mana aja? soalnya aku brencana start dari jkt-batam-sing- lanjut kemana aja yang murah dan asik begitu, pengen kL ama phuket..mohon bantuannya..kalo boleh lewat email aja lebih baik. makasih..

anggi guswara said...

He3x... boleh minta alamat emailnya kan katanya mau lewat email :p