Monday, March 24, 2008

Uncle & Cousin

Last night I had a chat with my cousin, he apologized that he had used my mp3 while I was gone... I said it's ok... then he talked about the song I wrote in the mp3 and had a comment on it. He said the songs are cool and rare... I didn't believe in his comment at first... but then I believed it after he said it more than once (he3x... where the hell the theory comes from? :p)...
I was so happy to get that compliment from a young boy... means my songs still get into their taste... at least it is :p
I told him that I don't wanna be a singer and being famous is not in my agenda... I just want my songs to be heard and hopefully be sold to the real singer who wants it he3x... Coz I only want to sell it... I just wanna be the person behind the screen :)
He then oferred himself to join in the band to perform my songs... I might be rude at that time to said that he'd better play with his gang and get the experience first, but I think that's the wise answered considering he is still very young
After having the chat... and smoke my Avoluiton cigar (damn... it's nice cigar)... I went back to my room being obsessed by Suede's Wild Ones... but what did I get? Another new song dissimilar to Suede's... he3x... better than nothing right? I called it Love... the song about love... always love... so typical :p

Here's the site to my song

Love's a magic :p

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