Monday, September 1, 2008

Reality Bites

Have you ever realized, that we are easy to ask for feedback or decision from somebody but actually we are not preparing ourself or not ready to take it when somebody has given it to us? We get used to take compliment or good news, we are being taught to take nice feedback but we simply forget or avoiding to face the reality whenever it comes to a bad news or harsh feedback.

Reality bites my dear... as Rolling Stone said years ago that "You Don't Always Get What You Want"... real suck

Sometime or maybe most of the time :p... it's hard to take something whose different of what you have been thinking of... in my case of what I've been feeling of :p (beyond thought)... what funny was... my thought has been guesing the result just like what it is... funny isn't it? For me who really admiring feeling & instuition so much but now has to face the raelity that it's been defeating by my own thought...

Reality bites... it leaves its own mark... hurts
So... anybody... when someone had to do or you ask them to do what she/he had to do... then what you've got to do first is... prepare yourself for the bad news first instead of a good one... not asking yourself to be pesimistic but to let your heart be brave... be brave of what you would take
I still care about You all the time... all the time

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