Saturday, January 23, 2010

Song Lyric - Always Will.. You'll always will

In the morning light
I can feel you're out of sight
My feet are out of the line, but my mind stays inside

In the end of night
I don't see the city light
I nee a place to hide
I wanna quit the fight to end this night of mine

Faking all the crowd faking all the blind side
You may take the side you may take it back

As if there is no heart to hurt
You may run as fast as you can
You may hold my life as if you own it from the start


You may have your only night
You may have your sunlight
You may dance in the sky up high
You may have your own sky
You may breath the air of life
You may find what you want
You may have it into deep
You may have it now

But you'll always thinking of me... You will always will

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