Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's all right - the lyric

Come on baby sit right next to me
Tell your stories tell me everything
A to Z of anything you feel

From the athens up to Sicily
From the garlic bread up to chillies
Anything that might cross on your mind

If happy is what you feel right now
If comfort lies there in your heart
Then I won't mind to spend some times

Whether it is all about good or bad
Put some colors right there in my mind
Come on baby lay your head on me

Coz baby it's all right 4x

Come on baby close to me, come on baby close to me
No need to worry no need to be
Let's swim into the water or fly to the sky higher, let's come together just you and me
If love can make us stronger, gives food to the hunger, it's only love we need to seek
If love can move a mountain, surely it can be our fountain.
Come on baby sit right next to me

Coz baby it's all right

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