Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nobody... somebody

why bother to be somebody if being nobody is far more valuable?
everybody' trying to be somebody... somebody' for somebody
isn't it hurt when you are not able to have someone' smile... even a bit?
isn't it hurt when you can hear the voice, the laughter, the joy, or even the silence without being able to be anyone?

Sometime the forces push that far
Or the ego which grows so wild

Untaming unconsciousness
Bewildering the logic

Wish the clock could be turned back...
To mend the things that have been done...
Or... wish it all to be rewinded over and over again... for the shake of happiness
Or the shake of forgiveness...

never meant to be temporary... it' a permanent tattoo...
tattooed wholeheartedly
borne indecisively

wish it smashed
wish it die
wish it vanish
wish it fly
but most notably...
just wish it to be there

Cry is a wry
A river of no delta
A mountain of no peak

If being nobody is far more valuable... why bother to be somebody...
just be nobody... somebody

picture taken frm : http://www.designsbybethann.com/pictures/Flowers/none%20flowers.jpg

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