Friday, June 4, 2010

sales promotion girl (late at night?)

It was at a 24 hr convenience store @ pondok pinang, and it was 11.00 PM, I was stop by to buy a chilled caned coffee beverages. When I parked the car then I saw a lovely girl in white. For the first time, I thought I was dreaming or fantasizing or whatever that was :p... since there was a pretty girl in white in nearly middle of the night. But then, I saw clearly that she hold something like cigar in her hand... then my concsious thought told me that... hmmm...she might be an spg for some cogar company.

She smiled me gently when I entered the store, and of course as a gentlement I smiled her back :p. As I thought, she didn't dare to offer the cigar for the first time, then, as my experienced, I am her type :p and as my analizer thought begin to work... I guessed she would a lil bit nervous when she offered the product to me as I raise her a question or two :p which will be out of product context :p.

And my analysis was right... just I got the cashier to pay my coffee, then she started to offer the cigar. At the first time I did not attracted to buy... but when I saw her face... suddenly I remembered two of my ex girlfriends who was an spg... then my soft side begun to persuade me to buy the cigar.

But before I bought it... I tested my analysis, that she would nervouse and not focus to unswer or talk. I asked her... "isn't it late to work?" that simple question... and she answered: "yes, but I have to worked until 12 AM, mba"... then she revised the title by saying this: "eh Mas, sorry, I thought you wore a skirt, your pants just like a skirt to me" ha3x... come on... but again my analysis was right :)...

Then I bought the cigar and went home... but again... she is a beautiful spg :)... who works hard for anything she wanted to... :)

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