Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Having watched the inception last night in te dvd, it's a great movie, at least when you still memorized the part of it or you can take the lesson or the moral of the story, then it's a great movie. I love the concept of one' dream in that movie. Everybody said that the movie is quiet enigmatic and hard to chew...sorry, not for me :p... cause I've been accustomed to watch enigmatic movie ha3x... just like how proud I was when I could understand the Tarantino' "Reservoir Dogs" while all my friends still could not chew it :p. The movie is quite in good plot and flow I guess. But you can not miss even a bit to watch it :p, but 15 minutes miss of the beginning of the movie would be ok :p.

what I love the most is the concept of living the dream and dreaming the live :p... Cobb has a dream about his passed away wife. He loves her so much that he has been creating his wife in his dream. Since he has the talent and gift, he can see and live with his wife in his dream. But the dreams go wild and manipulate everything he's got, since he can't differentiate between the reality and the dream, but in the end.. he has to ended it up and leave it to get to the normal live.

Sometimes we never realize that we also have the same problem with Cobb', we live in our dreams and forget that we have the reality that we have to face. We only want to hear what we want to hear. We only want to see what we want to see but forgot that the reality bites.

But the question is... If you've been always see someone precious in your live only in your dreams... only in your dreams... what would you do? Do you know how to stop it? Is it interconnected to the so called someone? Or it is just only dreams?
Quite enigmatic isn't it? :p

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